Both have similar properties.

They are predatory.

The Hirogen see every approach of prey to defend themselves as incentive.

The Borg see every species worth assimilating as prey.

The Borg can adapt, Hirogen never give up.

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    We see multiple Hirogen as assimilated Borg. Does that answer your question sufficiently?
    – Valorum
    Jan 26, 2021 at 2:24
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    The Borg most certainly do not see every species as worthy of assimilation, only those that can bring some useful aspect to the Collective. Notably they ignore the Kazon because they have no useful characteristics.
    – Valorum
    Jan 26, 2021 at 2:28
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    @Valorum where were Hirogen turned into drones? Jan 26, 2021 at 2:29
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    @Valorum is there anything considered canon which would indicate if the Borg assimilate (or attempt to assimilate) every single species that they encounter? Jan 26, 2021 at 7:21
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    But to answer your question, how do the Hirogen interact with the Borg? Very carefully. Jan 26, 2021 at 11:32

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The Hirogen and the Borg appear to have a relatively fraught relationship, with the Borg assimilating them as they catch them and the Hirogen largely being unaware of them as a potential threat.

We certainly know that Hirogen have been assimilated and are used as drones (I, II, III) rather than just captured (for their assimilation profile) and then disposed of.

Note that the Hirogen are nomadic and don't have a recognised homeworld, so the fact that the Borg would make mincemeat of them doesn't seem to have filtered down to their collective conscience yet.

KARR: I've been studying Voyager's database looking for our next simulation. There are many to choose from. These people have a violent history. I believe I've found a worthy prey. The Borg. When World War Two is over, we will recreate a notorious battle known as Wolf 359.

The Killing Game

As an aside, the Borg most certainly do not see every species as worthy of assimilation. They will sample a species that they're unaware of, but they reserve species-wide assimilation for those races that bring them closer to perfection.

SEVEN: The Borg encountered a Kazon colony in the Gand Sector, grid six nine two zero.
NEELIX: Were they assimilated?
SEVEN: Their biological and technological distinctiveness was unremarkable. They were unworthy of assimilation.
NEELIX: I didn't realise the Borg were so discriminating.
SEVEN: Why assimilate a species that would detract from perfection?


Canonically there is no real answer however it is unlikely that Hirogen would actively hunt Borg simply because it would not even be a hunt most likely Hirogen would ignore Borg unless they tried to assimilate them in which case resistance would be attempted.


The series canon (which is frankly all that matters) never indicates what happens between the Hirogen and The Borg.

For one thing, the Borg's space, while vast, is also finite, and doesn't encompass the entirety of the Delta QUadrant. Given the Hirogen's relatively "primitive" FTL technology and thus their inability to spread their "hunts" over the length of and breadth of the entire quadrant, it's unlikely that they encounter the Borg very often. Additionally, the Hirogen would more likely than not be killed in any such Borg encounters rather than submitting and there's no indication that the Borg would routinely reanimate their deceased opponents.

The series itself makes it clear that many advanced races never encounter The Borg or only consider them to be a minor threat. The Vaudaur are examples of this, as are The Voth. Neither group's evolution, nor technological progress, were shown to have been impaired by the Borg and in fact, they both carved out their vast empires within the Delta Quadrant. The Hirogen might find themselves in that august group.

Finally it likely never occurred to the writers to link the two races together. This is seen several times throughout the series, especially when it's never explained why the Krenim's time-alteration technology (The Year of Hell) did not attract the Borg. The Hirogen came into play well after Voyager left "Borg space" and so the needs of the narrative might not have encompassed stories that defined the two group's interactions.

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