What phonemes (or even words in Black Speech) could one distinguish in the below video from 1:26 to 1:29, where Sauron allegedly asked Pippin of who he was?

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    INT. EDORAS, SLEEPING QUARTERS - NIGHT. PIPPIN suddenly starts to HYPERVENTILATE . . . He STAGGERS BACKWARDS, PALANTIR held rigidly before him . . .THE GREAT EYE OF SAURON seems to LEAP from the FIRE . . . PIPPIN is bathed in the FIERY RED LIGHT. PIPPIN sinks to his KNEES, his mouth open in a soundless SCREAM ... He FALLS BACKWARDS, powerless to release the FIERY GLOBE. MERRY: Help! Someone help him! GANDALF wakes with a start! Just as ARAGORN enters, and wrenches the PALANTIR from PIPPIN'S HANDS . . . PIPPIN FALLS to the FLOOR! - Nothing in the script of use. – Valorum Jan 29 at 22:50

It sounds like it could be ash nazg thrakatum, which (being similar the third line of the Ring inscription) is perhaps intended to mean something like "Bring me the One Ring".

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