I am trying to track down a sci-fi novel that I read many years ago. The story is about a world recently colonised by humans, but which has its own indigenous life forms. These comprise a semi-intelligent tree-like species, and a golden insect-like species who the humans discover are the source of a mineral which they value and harvest. The protagonist in the story discovers that the insects have a hive mind intelligence and the story is basically about the interaction of the protagonist with the insects and his fellow humans.

I realise that this is a fairly sketchy outline to base a search on, and my attempts at googling on this basis are the evidence of this, but I’m hoping that this may ring a bell with someone on the forum.


Could it be Semiosis by Sue Burke? I didn't read it myself but I took your question as a challenge for searching the web.

Edit After having posted the answer I noticed you said having read it "many years ago"; thus the answer wouldn't fit.

  • I have read (and enjoyed) Semiosis, but it has no mention of golden insects. – John Rennie Feb 3 at 8:30
  • How sure are you of the details? This sounds a lot like Richard McKenna's 'Hunter, Come Home'. Positives: It has a semi-intelligent trees, little thingeys that fly through the air, newly-arrived humans and a man who begins to comprehend the forest. Negatives: The humans plan to wipe out the forest and establish a game preserve. – Lee Eckhardt Feb 3 at 19:55
  • Very sure about the insects, and the trees. Just read a synopsis of Hunter Come Home, thank you for your feedback but this is not what I am after, however I’m realising side-benefit of this discussion... new books to read, new authors😃 – DeepSkyMan Feb 3 at 22:48
  • I've only read a few of McKenna's SF stories, but 'The Sand Pebble's' is a great book. – Lee Eckhardt Feb 4 at 5:15
  • The war for eternity?(maybe!) – DannyMcG Mar 5 at 20:19

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