The video Space Force - The Theme Song // Songify This is a rich source of old SciFi movie images.

At about 02:00 can be seen a large nearly-transparent sphere hovering over a large crater seen from the side, in a desert that might be on Earth. From the bottom of the sphere emanates a translucent red "beam" that disappears into the center of the crater.

There is a shimmering disk-like ring around the sphere's equator (Saturnesque).

Question: From what work of Science Fiction film or art does this short clip come from? What is it doing, and is an artist identification possible?

(the tiny red sports car on the left is "contraband" from the video that uses this clip)

screenshot from Space Force - The Theme Song // Songify This


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Yes, it is from the Starman (1984) movie staring Jeff Bridges as the Starman.

Here is a short YouTube Clip showing the Mirrored globe (his rescue spaceship) above the crater, picking up the Starman.

Starts with that exact image

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