I remember seeing this video on YouTube, I think it was a Top 10 Nerd video where this female character would find rapists and burn their dicks off with her heat-based power.

Does anyone know who that is? It keeps coming to my mind but for the life of me, I don't know her name.

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Could be Cinder from DC Comics' Titans: Villains For Hire (2011).

From Comic Book Resources:

The basics for Cinder is that she was an Italian woman from a well-to-do family that was molested by her uncle. So she then hunts down sex offenders and kill them. When we first meet her, she's killing a sex offender by burning him alive (her power is to turn into walking molten lava) while having sex, so she uses her vagina to attack the guy... [...]

So Deathstroke offers her a deal - join his new team and he'll help her hunt down well-protected sex offenders...

(safe for work) short, black-haired young woman burning a guy's penis while having sex with him

Found with the Google query female comics character hunt sex offenders.

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