In the early 80s, there was a series of toys that I recall were similar to Masters of the Universe (although probably lower quality). I think that many of them were based on Greek mythology. The one that I had had a triceratops head. I think that his head and torso were red, but the arms and legs were yellow. He came with a black sword. I think one or two other figures in the series had animals heads, but the rest just had normal human heads. Was this from any notable series, or was it just a MotU knock-off?

Note: definitely not Triceraton from Ninja Turtles. The figure that I'm thinking is older by at least a few years, did not have a tail, and did not come with any guns or futuristic weapons.

Edit: Maybe "Galaxy Warriors", "Lost World of the Warlord", or "The Warrior Beasts", although I don't see the specific figure that I had.


This appears to be from The Warrior Beasts by Remco. Apparently the figure's name was Guana. None of them seem to be based on Greek mythology, so I must have conflated this with another series. Possibly Lost World of the Warlord (which was also from Remco).

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