Here's all I can remember :-

  • It was a sci-fi story but had a horror-taste to it.
  • It was about aliens from some other planet, who tried to invade Earth.
  • The aliens could not (or probably would not) try and control children but instead tried to control adult minds.
  • They tried to do so as they expected the children to obey the adults.
  • At the end (?) some children take a young alien as hostage and somehow realize that the aliens are afraid of wood.
  • When they realize that the aliens are afraid of wood, they are in a tunnel, trying to escape the aliens.
  • It was in book form, but I cannot remember if it was a part of an anthology.
  • This was in the childrens' section of the library and I read it about five years ago.
  • At one point, they are in a treehouse and there are many adults queuing up in a neat line outside and the aliens use their powers over the adults to try and convince the children to come out.
  • Reminds me vaguely of The Green Piper by Victor Kelleher, but I haven't read it for 30 years and now I can't find a plot summary, so I couldn't venture it as a real answer
    – cryptarch
    Feb 10, 2021 at 7:07


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