This is a children's book that I read as a child in the UK, which would have been mid to late 1980s.

Unfortunately I cannot remember much about it. The details that stick in my mind are:

  • It was very visual, so mostly pictures
  • On each (or most) page there were details hidden. The one that sticks in my mind most was that the hills you could see through the window were a giant laying down.
  • Witches were a common theme, there were a number hidden in the pictures.
  • Ok I made an account just to comment here. Theres a page in the book with like a mother and baby giant right???
    – Logan C
    Mar 22, 2022 at 4:31

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It could be Where do the Wicked Witches Live? by Juliet Snape and Charles Snape.

enter image description here

The Books for Keeps review is:

Dennis sets out to discover where witches live. As he searches over the hills and beyond the trees, he doesn't know that wicked witches, sleek cats and all manner of creepy creatures are observing him all the way! Cleverly concealed in the illustrations, they are waiting to be discovered by the observant reader. A great success with Infants and Lower Junior children.

  • Wait, they're called Snape?
    – SQB
    Mar 22, 2022 at 11:03

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