It's an old anime, from maybe 2008 or earlier.

The best part I can remember is that the main character is fleeing or something in the first episode, so he stop on a bridge, with nowhere to escape, but then he got teleported to another world. In this world, they use gems / crystals which contain monsters, and absorb their powers to fight.

This guy has a monstrous, rare, epic gem / crystal, which in legend couldn't be controlled or something. If I remember, he's yellow and looked like Greymon from Digimon. If I remember well, there's an episode where the main character fights in an arena, which reminded me of that arena city in Kino no Tabi.

It's not Deltora Quest.

  • My first impulse is Magi-Nation, but that doesn't fit with the yellow monster. Was the summoned creature an animal? Humanoid? Old Testament angel?
    – FuzzyBoots
    Feb 12, 2021 at 12:19

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Could this be the Chinese anime Zinba (神魄)?

Kan is happily chatting with his closest friend on an ordinary school day when, all of a sudden, he finds himself pulled into an alternate fantasy world. This world is filled with Zinba, large and powerful creatures that may form bonds with select humans, called Linkers, for immense battle power. After becoming a Linker with one of the strongest Zinba ever to exist, Kan joins the peacekeeping Dux force of the kingdom of Toria and fights against the various evils threatening the land, all while trying to find his way back to his own world.

Zan’s Zinba is a yellow lion that is associated with a red gem. It has two forms, one of which is like a small toy that sits on his shoulder:

title art showing main characters


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