It might be ~20 years ago that I saw part of this movie on TV in French language (maybe on TV5, maybe on Arte), but I'm not entirely sure it was of French origin. All scenes were calm and without action sequences - it all seemed to be quite dystopian, as if more and more things just stop working. The atmosphere was full of hopelessness and abandonment, and all scenes displayed coldness, mostly through ice - as if it's a slow freezing apocalypse.

  • One scene had a guy who was hiding in a locomotive that looked like an ordinary diesel shunting engine in black, but he just used a door to a cabin where the engines are supposed to be. At least one other guy hunted and found him, then they had a brief conversation - the former guy repeatedly said the phrase "le président" amongst other words. Then he was shot by his hunter. Steam was seen (as per the engine, I guess), and both wore long dark coats, protecting them against winter-like weather.
  • Another scene had a dozen adults of middle-to-advanced age in a big hall, dressed in fine suits for a party that was no longer going on, and little light. There was a band of 4-7 people that acted like humanoids - they were still playing but nobody wanted it, so one guy was trying to stop them by repeatedly crossing and moving his arms through a light beam from above (in this rather dark hall), as if the band would be switched on/off through that photo sensor. It didn't work.
  • Another scene was with the same people and one of them wanted a massage - one female humanoid then came to perform that task, and she looked a bit maniacal (staring). After massagin the person for a while, she broke their arm or leg for no reason - the person screamed. Maybe there was a large pool nearby.

The movie was fully colored and might have been produced during the era of 1980 to 2000. Based on the humanoids (just normal persons/actors), I suppose it's displaying the future. I have no clue who acted in it or what its title could be - but I was always interested in seeing it in full.

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Pretty sure this is Bunker Palace Hôtel (1989).

enter image description here

In the imaginary dictatorship of a futuristic world, rebellion has broken out. The men in power scramble to the 'Bunker Palace Hotel', a safehouse built long ago for this contingency. A rebel spy sneaks in and observes the raving of the powerful and decadent inhabitants. They wonder what has happened to their leader, who has not arrived.

It is a French film, and it definitely has scenes with locomotives (the first one is about 8 minutes in), the scene with the party and the humanoid band (about 32 minutes in), and the one with a female humanoid giving a man a massage by a pool, before breaking his leg (about 45 minutes in).

  • Exactly! At 23:18 the locomotive scene is just like I remember it. How do you happen to know this movie and also its details? It looks like an almost unknown entry that nobody ever seemed to have noticed. Finally!
    – AmigoJack
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    I wasn't familiar with the film, but Wikipedia has a list of post-apocalyptic movies organised by the decade of release. I started looking at the ones released from 1980-1989, and the title Bunker Palace Hôtel immediately leaped out at me, as some of the scenes you described (especially the party in the big hall) sounded like they could've be set in a hotel. I then looked it up on YouTube to confirm that it contained the relevant scenes. Commented Feb 19, 2021 at 1:22
  • Thanks alot - I've encountered enough Wikipedia lists myself but never assumed this an option to check for existence, nor would I have associated a hotel. That list will certainly help me again in the future, and I appreciate when workflows are explained.
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  • Enki Bilal? I didn't know he's a movie director too. He's pretty well known for his comics, and he has a very distinctive style. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nikopol_Trilogy for example. Commented Feb 19, 2021 at 11:12

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