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Looking to do a Lando cosplay and need to find the lining. I've searched everywhere and can't find the right fabric.

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    That looks like a paisely pattern. Wouldn't surprise me if it started out as a furniture covering.
    – FuzzyBoots
    Feb 27, 2021 at 18:02
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    Ah, and indeed, this fellow used paisley fabric, although they noted the original was probably silk brocade.
    – FuzzyBoots
    Feb 27, 2021 at 18:05
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    etsy.com/listing/780389017/light-gold-color-brocade-fabric-with lacks some of the darker bits, but otherwise looks close.
    – FuzzyBoots
    Feb 27, 2021 at 18:07
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    I've taken the liberty of posting a better quality photo that shows the stylised dragons in the pattern.
    – Valorum
    Feb 27, 2021 at 18:09
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    It's worth noting that the darker inside is just the obverse of the outside. I'm not sure, but I think this is a result of the way the cloth is made; so if you can find the outside pattern then you likely have the inside too.
    – bob1
    Feb 28, 2021 at 19:47

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This company Has a nearly identical pattern, with a gold background, orange dragons and darker coloured vines. It looks like a fairly common pattern used in cheap imported oriental fabric.

enter image description here
"Chinese Traditional Dragons Pattern Design Beige Brocade Fabric Asian Silk Fabric Chinese Fabric Material"

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    looks exactly the same if you artificially age it a bit
    – Hobbamok
    Mar 1, 2021 at 11:20
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    @Hobbamok - I'm not 101% happy with this one. The dragon looks a bit orange and the leaves a bit dark. They also do a bronze version where the leaves are lighter but the dragon is yellow not orange. If I was aiming for perfection, I'd buy this one and put it on a series of hot washes to leach out some of the dye.
    – Valorum
    Mar 1, 2021 at 12:14
  • is the photo from OP from the time period or 40+ years later? That time may account for the fading and the replica is a period accurate representation?
    – NKCampbell
    Jun 17, 2021 at 14:46
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    @NKCampbell - I did consider that. Contemporary photos show that the colours are much the same and haven't faded; images.app.goo.gl/uBtf7Z1UwsvV3o4o8
    – Valorum
    Jun 17, 2021 at 14:50

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