When I was a teenager I read a couple of books from a series about a battle against some sort of aliens, possibly not on earth. The main character was a rough soldier/space marshal type character that drank Wild Turkey from a hip flask. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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    Are there any more details you can think of, like was the main character part of a team or solo, what kind of weapons were used, anything about the aliens? Also when we're you a teenager, was it 5 years ago or 25? – Alith Mar 1 at 21:35
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    When were you a teenager? 1950? 2015? Were the books hardcover or paperback? American or British? – user14111 Mar 1 at 21:35
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    If you are going to bring whisky into space, why the heck would you bring Wild Turkey? – Skooba Mar 1 at 21:49
  • @Skooba: Drinking bad alcohol is a common trait in fiction to indicate that the person is so tough that they don't mind drinking the bad stuff with a minor suggestion that they're physically tough enough to resist the poisonous effects of the stuff that makes it less refined. – FuzzyBoots Mar 1 at 22:36
  • Is that Wild Turkey bourbon or rye whisky? – user14111 Mar 1 at 22:41

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