In the web series WandaVision when Monica Rambeau enters the Hex her cells are rewritten at molecular level after which she gains some powers. What are these powers which she possesses?


We only get a very brief glimpse into the powers but so far we've seen:

When Monica enters for the final time and receives her powers we initially see the world through her eyes. It shows that the world is a purple-ish colour but also that there are waves of energy around power lines and the like showing she can see electromagnetic energy now.

View through Monica's altered eyes of the world in electromagnetic vision showing a purpleish colour

She is next shown to have energy absorption. After entering again and confronting Wanda they have a brief to-do which ends in Wanda throwing Monica onto the street. Instead of landing in a big pile, Monica does a "Super-hero landing!" and blue energy surrounds her limbs absorbing the impact.

Monica lands (superhero landing!) on the street and her limbs are encompassed with a blue energy glow

Lastly, Monica puts herself in between the twins and Hayward who is firing at them. As she does so the bullets hit her and enter but seem to slow down and phase through, in a similar fashion to Vision's phasing.

Shot of the bullets phasing through Monica's body

We've not seen anything else in the brief time we see her with powers and they mostly seemed to happen instinctively at this point. Presumably later on in the MCU as she learns about them she'll get a greater understanding and control and will be able to do more things.

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