In Season 1: Episode 1 of the new CW's show Superman & Lois, we see that an unknown assailant in a mech-suit is trying to kill Superman. The assailant is later revealed to be:

An African-American version of Lex Luthor (or Captain Luthor) who is either from
- an alternate universe/reality, or,
- the future

Has there been an African-American version of this character in the comics?

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    He was quite dark-skinned in the animated series; youtube.com/watch?v=oF3R-ymIYeo – Valorum Mar 15 at 8:00
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    @Valorum I assumed that was because he spent a lot of time getting kryptonite radiation baths :p :p – Shreedhar Mar 15 at 8:02
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    Word-of-god is that he was based on Telly Savalas (e.g. he's 'olive-skinned') – Valorum Mar 15 at 8:05

As far as I know, Luthor has never been depicted as a black man in the comics.

I checked his disambiguation page at dc.fandom.com to make sure, and couldn't see a black version of Luthor from the comics there.

In general, the changing of a character's race (even in alternate universes) seems to be less of a thing in superhero comics than it is in other media.

Luthor was, however, ostensibly depicted as black in the Harley Quinn TV series.

enter image description here

Aside from how he was drawn and coloured, he was also voiced by a black actor, Giancarlo Esposito, who appears to confirm that his version of Luthor was indeed black in the video interview below:

This is also confirmed by the following statement from the Harley Quinn showrunners (Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker), made in an email sent to Collider:

But Halpern and Schumacker say that Harley Quinn "does conceive of Lex Luthor to be a person of color. We're not sure if we are the first to make Lex a POC, but DC was supportive when we said we wanted to go in that direction, which was cool.”

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    the changing of a character's race (even in alternate universes) seems to be less of a thing in superhero comics... ummm, nope on the contrary. There's a black Superman, Asian Batman and even WW has been presented to be of different race in the comics. – Shreedhar Mar 15 at 9:11
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    There's a difference between "less of a thing" and "not a thing at all". We do occasionally see race-switching comics, but it tends to be less common proportionally than it is in other media. Bear in mind that there many more versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, Luthor, etc, in comics, than there are in other media. Based on sheer volume of output alone, you can expect to see some race-switching in comics, even if it happens less often, proportionally speaking, than it does elsewhere. This is especially true if you compare comics to live-action movies/shows. – LogicDictates Mar 15 at 9:20

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