Last year, I got Shrek 2 Top Trump Cards from a charity shop and one the 7 Dwarfs one, it said:

There used to be eight dwarfs, but Lefty’s following his dreams in the minor league.

Does this “Lefty” even exist in Shrek?

Update: Here’s the Top Trump Card: enter image description here

  • Snow White only had 7; apparently, they were upset with Lefty enough to keep him out of that also!
    – Sam
    Commented Mar 16, 2021 at 19:33

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Although it's hard to prove a negative (and accepting that there may be mention of him in something truly obscure), Lefty the Dwarf appears to exist solely within that particular Top Trumps cards game.

No mention of him can be found in the films, short films, nor any of the tie-in novels/novelisations/young reader books, factbooks, film interviews, musicals, ride stands (at Universal Studios), DVD extras from any of the films or their tie-in short films, nor any of the video games.

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