Cornelia Funke's fantasy series beginning with the novel Inkheart features a character named Fenoglio, an old man who wrote a fantasy novel called Inkheart.

Was Fenoglio based on, or inspired by, any real fantasy author(s)?

Since this is an issue where, if the answer is yes, Funke might not necessarily admit it (for obvious reasons), I would accept answers based on either "canon" evidence such as author interviews or (for me more interesting) a solid evidence-based analysis connecting Fenoglio with a real author.

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    You may be interested to know that Beppe Fenoglio was an Italian writer (even if not a fantasy author). But since I haven't read the Inkheart trilogy, I don't know if it is a coincidence or there is a reason why she named the character as him
    – McTroopers
    Mar 18 at 21:56

In an answer to one of the questions in a question and answer thread on Goodreads, Funke replied:

I based Fenoglio on Beppe Fenoglio, a short story writer from Liguria, who died much too young. And of course I made him my Alter Ego, when he thinks about writing.

So the coincidence of the name with Beppe Fenoglio already noted in the comments, is not a coincidence.

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