In Zack Snyder's Justice League when Superman goes into his ship after his resurrection he sees 4 different suits. What is the specialty of these suits?

enter image description here

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From left to right the suits are:

  • The Superman Suit - The traditional skin suit and cape developed by the Jor-El AI in ambassadorial colors to bridge Krypton and Earth.
  • Female Kryptonian Armor - Similar to that worn by Faora and the other Black Zero refugees who invaded Earth.
  • Kryptonian Space Suit - Seen during Zod's travels to the dead colonies looking for life, the suits can be worn in no-atmosphere environments.
  • Male Kryptonian Armor - Similar to that worn by Zod during his invasion.

Female Armor Male Armor Zod in Space Suit


Also, the black costume is for energy, power and recovery in general. Thats why he flies and looks to the sun, which also gives him strength.


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