In the opening scene, Superman yells out in pain after being stabbed. The yells then oscillate over very far distances, and reach the Mother Boxes at three locations:

  1. Cyborg's house

  2. Mera's underwater residence

  3. Amazon Shrine.

Why did Superman's yells trigger the Mother Boxes?

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    His death cry triggered them. Mother boxes are sentient; they sensed that after Superman's death, there was no one [strong enough] to protect the planet .
    – Shreedhar
    Mar 25, 2021 at 7:55

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As explained later in the movie, it's not so much his scream than his death that triggers the motherbox.

Circa 2h20

Bruce :
Victor's father activated a Mother Box more than a year ago when Superman was still alive. Didn't call out to Steppenwolf. None of the boxes did. Not until...

Diana :
Not until Superman died.

Not until Superman died.

It's like they were afraid of him?

Yes, they were afraid of him.

My guess here is that the oscillation is the call to Steppenwolf.

I'm aware it's only a partial 'why', it doesn't fully explain how the motherbox were omniscient enough to understand this scream was a death scream, or at what level the motherboxes were sentient enough to be afraid of superman.

  • Regarding "why": The boxes have intergalactic communication: Steppenwolf says, "The one that woke and called to me" and at least planetary sense "... the third box [can be] ... only [be] sense[d] [by Box 1 & 2." On their competence Diana states, "Indestructible living machines made from a science so advanced it looks like sorcery . . . These boxes together are world destroyers. A billion years old. They'll get inside you..." So basically "magic" of a sort. Mar 25, 2021 at 17:26

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