Looking for a 90s or 80s movie where 2 boys sneak out to go investigate the neighbor's house and they find a dungeon-like place in the basement. The neighbor may have been a vampire, I don't quite remember. The mom goes to save them. All I remember is the mom had very blonde hair in a pixie cut, and she had very bright blue eyes. I know it's not Fright Night or The People Under the Stairs. I don't think it's a very popular movie.

  • Hi, welcome to SF&F. You're not sure if the neighbour is a vampire; do you remember any other fantasy elements in the movie? – DavidW Mar 26 at 1:14

This is a bit of a long shot as it is actually a fairly popular cult classic film. But could this be the 1987 film The Lost Boys?

Dianne Weist played the mom Lucy and had a pixie cut as in the following pic:

Lucy, mom in Lost Boys

You can also see her in this clip on Youtube:

I don't recall a dungeon per se. But there were definitely vampires, young teen boys sneaking around and it was during the timeframe you mentioned.

  • I was wondering about that, but didn't remember her as getting that involved. But it's a really good answer. (I don't recall a dungeon under a house, but the vampires' lair might qualify as dungeon-like.) – DavidW Mar 26 at 1:49
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    @davidW. Thank you for the edits. They look good. Yes, the vampire lair in the derelict underwater hotel was what I was thinking of as well. Very dungeon like. I also agree the mom (Lucy) character wasn't quite as heavily involved as Adria indicated.. But the pixie haircut really seemed to be on point which made me think it was worth suggesting even if only a longshot. – beichst Mar 26 at 2:00
  • When you're straaaange... – n00dles Mar 26 at 2:12

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