Muggleborns are said to be distant descendants of Squibs who have married Muggles. But Squibs don't possess any magic to pass on to further generations. So how can Muggleborns get their magic from Squibs when Squibs themselves don't have any magical abilities?

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    "Squibs don't possess any magic" - Aside from being able to see magical creatures and ghosts? – Valorum Mar 28 at 17:40
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    Katie Mosher: How exactly do muggleborns receive magical ability? J.K. Rowling: *Muggle-borns will have a witch or wizard somewhere on their family tree, in some cases many, many generations back. The gene re-surfaces in some unexpected places. - So, genetic. – Valorum Mar 28 at 17:45
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    Does this answer your question? Is a Squib a Muggle? – fez Mar 28 at 17:52
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    Because that's how genetics work. One can pass a genetic trait down to the next generations without possessing the said trait. Squibs keep the magic gene, it's just not active for some reason (maybe it's a recessive one), but they can pass it next. – Shana Tar Mar 28 at 18:03
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    Just because the answer is obvious, indeed the exact quote is already provided, doesn't mean the question deserves to be closed without an answer. And word-of-god seems pretty clear-cut, so not opinion-based. – DavidW Mar 28 at 19:35

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