Looking for a specific manga where there is a kingdom that’s all about power and skills.

The king has 3 kids. The son of the king ends up not having any power so he is exiled. When his sisters get back from a mission they are on they realize he’s missing and they go looking for him.

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Ane ga Kensei de Imouto ga Kenja de (My Older Sister is Kensei and My Little Sister is a Wise Man)

Born as the son of a king of such a country, Razel had only human talent in swords and magic. However, his elder sister was a genius who was called Kensei (Sword Saint), and his little sister was a genius who was called a Wise Man (Sage).

Compared to such older sister and little sister, he was finally banished from the country as he had no talent. However, Razel had a positive attitude and aimed for a different country to live freely as an adventurer.

Following Razel, even his sister Kensei and his sister Sage left the country to follow Razel: "If Razel was expelled of the country then there 's no meaning stay here any no longer.

(per NovelUpdates.com

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