According to the episode Prey, Hirogen culture and mythology revolve around hunting dangerous aliens, and in the previous episode Hunters, one Hirogen says a rare trophy would make him "envied by men and pursued by women"- so is hunting strictly a "boy's only" club among the Hirogen species?


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Main Canon

We don't see any female Hirogen in any of the shows or films.

We learn (via Memory Alpha) in an interview in Star Trek: The Magazine that staff writer Raf Green pitched making the character of Donik (the technician seen in VOY: Flesh and Blood) a Hirogen female, but this didn't ultimately happen.

Extended Universe

Moving down the canon scale we learn in the Star Trek: RPG - Decipher: Aliens Module that Hirogen hunters are exclusively male.

Hirogen culture degenerated to the point where most males travel the galaxy in two-person ships, seeking suitable victims. Sometimes a number of these ships team up when chasing an especially challenging or unusual quarry. Individually, the Hirogen prove more than a match for most opponents. Working together, they have little difficulty against any foe.

And that Hirogen females (and their offspring) cluster around central facilities. They don't hunt.

Some Hirogen realize the inherent instability in their way of life, but none want to see the hunt ended. One visionary Hirogen obtained Federation holoprogramming in order to simulate hunts, allowing his race its traditional activities, but without the nomadic structure it forced on them. The Hirogen added this to a number of their training facilities, but many Hirogen still hunt the traditional way. Women and children remain at central points like these training facilities, but their ability to remain in communication has suffered a dramatic setback when a Federation ship destroyed the ancient communications array they used to stay in touch with the hunters.

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