I remember this isekai manga that had a short side story where the king just went out and killed the demon king but kept his head to keep as a friend. If possible what is it?

  • You referred to this as an isekai, so was somebody transported to another world in this story? If so, was it the king, or another character? – LogicDictates Apr 12 at 22:41
  • Im pretty sure it was an isekai but I couldve been fantasy. It was the king that killed the demon lord. – Stomachc Apr 12 at 22:51
  • Isekai typically involves someone from the real world being transported to a fantasy world. If the whole story takes place in a fantasy world, then it's not isekai, just fantasy. By the way, you said the king killing the demon lord was a "short side story"... so what was the main story? – LogicDictates Apr 12 at 22:56

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