There was a live-action kids show in the 2000's about a male child who travels with aliens through the galaxy? One of the aliens was short, blue, and extremely fast. They wore goggles, carried a staff of some sort, and had some sort of frost theme going?

I believe it showed on a public television channel, but I cannot be certain. The name was something along the lines of Edge of the Galaxy, or something similar to that. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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I believe this is the 2002 Canadian/American TV series Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension. It aired on YTV in Canada and Fox Kids in the US.

It follows a young boy and girl traveling the stars with a group of aliens. One of the aliens, named Nepol, is indeed small, blue, wearing goggles and holding a staff-like weapon. Wikipedia says his character "runs at great speed, and can project ice or cold to freeze anything."

Galidor characters

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    It also had a LEGO theme to accompany it, with action figures that could swap parts.
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