I read this book at the beginning of high school and want to reread it. This would have been around 2012. It's a YA superhero book involving a group of teen superheroes where the main character has the ability to control machines.

Their society has some sort of "rust" disease that kills everyone it touches ("Rust" is the word used in the book to describe it several times I think, but I could be off) I think the disease is some sort of nanobot? I remember that the main supervillain in the novel has a jetpack and regenerative abilities that make him difficult to kill. It's eventually discovered that the supervillain is actually the future version of the main character and his regenerative abilities are due to him controlling the rust with his mind.

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    Hello and welcome to SciFi.SE. You've got a lot of really good info here already, but if you also could take a look at this list and edit in any extra details you can remember it could help in finding what you're looking for
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    Apr 26, 2021 at 13:36


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