I recall many years ago reading a Mickey Mouse comic in which Mickey flew an airplane and fought against other characters, such as Pete, in other airplanes. This was not the bootleg black-and-white "Air Pirates" comic, as I distinctly remember the comic was drawn in color, and had a much cleaner drawing style, so it couldn't have been from the 1930s. Does anyone know the name of this comic?

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    Mickey Mouse comics are still published in many countries, so more details are needed to identify the story you are looking for. How many years are "many"? 5? 10? 50? What language was the comic written in? What country where you in? Do you remember anything about the "Sky Pirates"? Is the setting realistic (modern planes), steampunk (retro-futuristic flying machines), fantasy (flying ships), sci-fi, ....? – lfurini Apr 28 at 5:07

This sounds a lot like Floyd Gottfredson's The Mail Pilot. It has Mickey and several other mail pilots fighting Pete and his air pirates (I could only find German pages from 2003)

The Mail Pilot 1 German1 The Mail Pilot 2 German1 The Mail Pilot 3 German1

While this comic is from the 30s, the colouring send to be much newer.


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