I'm trying to locate a novel I read in the 1960s in paperback.

I believe the original title was (I think) After the Burning. The major theme was the collapse of human society and the hatred of science.

It was wonderfully well-written with irony and adventure - what you'd get if Heinlein wrote with Clarke's precision.


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Book two of the Sword of the Spirits trilogy was titled Beyond the Burning Lands. Though it was published in 1971, at this remove that's pretty close to the 60s.

It meets your description of collapse of human society and the hatred of science:

a post-apocalyptic future where, due to a worldwide ecological catastrophe, life has reverted to a militaristic, medieval setting of walled cities and perpetual warfare.... There are signs of the past existence of the modern world in the ruins of great cities and "high roads" which dot the harsh landscape, but the Seers have made the technology of the "ancients" anathema, and anyone dabbling in "Science" is immediately put to death.

Beyond the Burning Lands - Cover


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