No one really knows what Jones is (the meme for a long time was saying that she is "not a robot!"), but she is almost as old as the Earth itself:

enter image description here

enter image description here

We know that she is invulnerable, as she manages to take a bison head-on, a spear to the chest and even a WWII bomb.

She had many companions during the aeons, but it is never explained that those relationships were purely platonic or more intimate - hence my question: is it ever explained anywhere is Jones soft, human-like in touch?

enter image description here

  • 1
    Don't forget the atmospheric reentry sans… uh… reentry vehicle.
    – Lexible
    May 4 at 3:54
  • I think we have to assume she is, otherwise it would be almost impossible for her to pass as human. May 4 at 9:16
  • She probably is, in spite of her invulnerability (and higher density - she's much heavier then she looks).
    – Mithoron
    May 31 at 14:14

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