Years and years ago, I caught a snippet of what looked like a Gerry Anderson supermarionation show on TV. The only one of those I'm really familiar with is Thunderbirds, and this didn't look like any episode I recognized, so it must have been one of his other works. I remember exactly two things about this brief snippet:

  • A shot of man in a wheelchair in a wide open, luxurious room. The space looked something like a fancy hotel lobby, with marble tiles in (I think) blacks and greens, some art and expensive-looking furniture. A man in a wheelchair (I think a sleek, black, then-futuristic motorised one) was riding up a shallow slope in the foreground.
  • A woman's voice saying "How can I get any rest with all this excitement?", or some variation thereupon (perhaps 'sleep' instead of 'rest'?). I believe this was heard while there was a close-up of a tape recorder in shot - perhaps some character in the episode had surreptitiously made an audio recording and was playing it back?

One note: there is a possibility that what I saw was not actually a full episode, but just a very short clip from one included as part of some kind of behind the scenes video/documentary. If this is true, the shot of the tape recorder may not have been an actual piece of episode footage at all, but behind the scenes footage of the audio recording/mixing process. If this is indeed the case, it would also be possible that the two pieces of information I remember are actually not connected at all, and were unrelated clips taken from separate episodes.

That's all I recall - and even then my recollection may not be 100% accurate. I'd be very interested to see whether anyone can identify the show/episode with such limited/information to go on.

EDIT: I really don't recall exactly when I saw this - it would probably have been 10-15 years ago, but I don't know exactly.

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    Possibly Commander Shore from Stingray – Paulie_D May 5 at 13:54
  • Like this sort of tape recorder? Or something closer to a Walkman or Talkboy? – FuzzyBoots May 5 at 15:06
  • @FuzzyBoots It might well have been something like that, yes - I can't be sure. – Drubbels May 5 at 20:04
  • I thought this might have been at the end of the music video for ‘Thunderbirds Are Go!’ by F.A.B. featuring MC Parker, but I’m watched it through, no dice. – Paul D. Waite May 5 at 23:35

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