The plot is that a team of 3 people a girl, a boy, and a short man with a funny haircut control robots and fight against a white alien that too can control robots. In the beginning I remember there was some kind of a test that a lot of people came and the prize was a strong mecha. The style was western-style animation.

The short guy in childhood was rescued by a man who controlled a mecha and the short man was amazed. He decided to be a pilot too but because he was short he could only be a guardian. The boy passed something like a test and he trained in organization area.

I remember there was an episode that showed how the alien came and was beaten by a primitive human who could control a bone robot.

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    In the future please don't delete and repost the same question. If you have information to add you can always edit the question!
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    May 6 at 15:35
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    @Imatabil - When did you watch this cartoon, and roughly when do you think it was made? May 6 at 15:41

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