Trying to find which comic this scan came from. Tried looking into retroactive series and DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures, but couldn't find it.

Wonder Woman struggles with a cable or tentacles grabbing her limbs and waist.
A head with greenish skin and purple hair hovers above.


That panel is from a page in Wonder Woman Vol 2 #87. The character ensnaring Wonder Woman there is a guy called Plasma.

Page six from Wonder Woman Vol 2 #87, showing the panel where Wonder Woman is ensanred by the villain, Plasma.

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    Nice! How'd you find it? – fez May 6 at 20:53
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    @fez - Process of elimination combined with some educated guesswork. I guessed the approximate time period the issue was likely to be from by the art style and the quality of the colouring; this told me it probably wasn't Pre-Crisis. I also knew the art wasn't by big name Post-Crisis artists like George Perez or John Byrne, so I was able to rule out those runs entirely. I then focused my search between the Perez and Byrne runs, until I found issues with an art style resembling the one shown in the image. – LogicDictates May 6 at 21:09
  • Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. – Shubham Surve May 6 at 21:13

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