I am pretty sure I heard about this alternate-universe video game during the '90s or early 2000s. I am not looking for the game itself but a paperback novel - or a series of novels - based on the game. All I can remember of the premise: in the 1920s or '30s the USA breaks up into several warring states which use futuristic 1930s-type aircraft against each other.

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This must be Crimson Skies, a "dieselpunk" game from 2000. It was also a tabletop wargame. There were several books set in the universe as well, that's what you're probably looking for. The box art shows the kind of "advanced 30s-style" technology, and a zeppelins aircraft carrier.

From TvTropes:

  • the series takes place in a Divided States of America universe, which begins after World War I, when a "Regionalist movement" gains popularity in the Union following the outbreak of Spanish influenza pandemic, rallying behind an isolationist platform.


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