I need help identifying a tv sci-fi action movie from 2000-2006, maybe filmed in France, but the language is probably English. It might have ninja aspects.

I remember a scene where this woman (might be Japanese) gives birth in the forest; it was raining I think. within seconds The baby rapidly grew into an adult (maybe it was also cocooned) and he kills his mother (the host). There's another scene where this guy buys this game from a video game store, a game that maybe hasn't come out yet, and the video game somehow transmits a signal to a neck implant.

That's all I recall. Oh, and the ending is that a kid is playing the video game (in the apartment) and the guy fights the monster (the baby from before, I think) on the roof and makes him do some martial arts moves and cuts off the monster's head I think. It was a nice ending.

P.S.- i think there is another girl thats gonna be a "host" and the hero protects her....

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    That is a lot of thinking. – Xantec Oct 14 '12 at 3:14
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    I know the movie you are talking about I just cannot find the name. It's centered around the video game for some reason. There is also an executive of the video game company who comes to help protect the girl that is pregnant. He's a ninja. The kid at the end is controlling a human through the video game against the evil guy. This is probably the worst added information I've ever put on a post. – Kevin Howell Oct 15 '12 at 20:19

I think that you are remembering Samourais, a French movie.

Japanese birth, demon baby, unreleased video game


This is probably Cronenberg's eXistenZ. It starred Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh. However, there are elements to this that don't seem to fit your description.

  • no ,its not eXistenZ – neil avi Oct 14 '12 at 3:57

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