There were two Marvel characters mentioned in a Harry Potter/Marvel crossover fic, who I am unable to identify. Any idea?

The broad shouldered man smiled down at Dumbledore. "I am Merlyn's representative in this reality little wizard. My mission is to justice, not your nebulous 'greater good'. You lack the power to remove me, as your amusing wards told you when we arrived.

Merlyn really doesn't like you or what your people have been doing with his heritage" the bare footed woman said. "Now that I've met you, I can understand why the land here is so unhappy.

The only meaningful pieces of information I have to identify them outside of the above quotes:

  • Their names: Brian and Megan (or Meggan, the fic clearly needs editing as there were both versions on the same page)

  • They are familiar with or associated with either Iron Man and/or Agatha Harkness

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Brian Braddock (AKA Captain Britain, AKA Captain Avalon) was a companion of Merlin's in various Marvel comics including Excalibur

enter image description here

His wife, Meggan (AKA Meggan the Witch) was also companion of Merlin's

enter image description here


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