In the, now rather venerable, animated science fiction movie Titan A.E. there is a scene in which Preed and Gune are left to watch out for Drej as the rest of the crew visit the Gaoul to ask them about Cale's map. They do a bad job of it and slack off while Drej fighters attack the advance party.

However, later we find out that Preed is working for the Drej, even more intimately than the mercenary Captain Korso. Therefore the alien could be expected to have possibly turned a blind eye in order to increase the Drej chance of securing Cale.

In view of this, is Preed's apparent incompetence real or feigned?


Since he was working for the Drej and he was extremely haughty, a backstabber and only cared for himself so his failure at guard duty was probably due to his narcissism.
The director, Don Bluth, has a site here

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