Does anybody have any idea of what are Steven Erikson's plans towards works set in the Malazan world? Can we expect more of Ganeos and others? Also, I believe that Erikson and Esslemont have a pact about not interfering with each other, is that true?

  • worth mentioning that the first of the two trilogies planned has been put on hold after book 2 and Erikson is now working on the second trilogy instead.
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From a forum discussion following a signing tour (so second hand info)

Steven Erikson confirmed that he has signed up for 6 more Malazan novels for Bantam. They will not be direct continuations of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, but will be two somewhat self-contained trilogies, one of which will be the backstory of Anomander Rake. He also confirmed that the two new trilogies will be released at a more leisurely pace than the MBF, as the one-book-per-year pace is too much to keep up indefinitely.

He also confirmed that there are 6 more Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novellas to come, to bring the total to 9.

Added in with the 10 volumes of the MBF itself and Esslemont's planned 6 novels, that brings the total to 22 novels, 9 novellas and 1 companion volume set in this world.


From wiki page of Steven Erikson :

During a 2008 question and answer session in Seattle, Washington, Erikson stated he had signed a deal to write two more trilogies and six novellas; Erikson planned to use the novellas to continue the Bauchelain and Korbal Broach storyline while one of the trilogies would be a prequel to the main series, detailing the history of Anomander Rake and Mother Dark.

From an interview at The Void

Q:Is it correct that your next project is a prequel trilogy about Anomander Rake? What’s the plan? And will there be further spin-off series? You’ve written away from the series. Do you envisage ever ending it permanently?

A:It took me a month to think about writing after completing The Crippled God. That’s the longest break I’ve had since I first started writing full-time. It was vaguely alarming. In thinking about it and in writing it, The Malazan Book of the Fallen consumed more than twenty years of my life, day after day, night after night. And suddenly… nothing. I felt (and still feel) I could drop dead tomorrow, and apart from some regret over those who would be saddened at my passing, I’d be pretty fine with that. I did what I wanted to do, said what I wanted and needed to say, completed my modest salute to Homer and The Iliad, and all that.

Eventually, things started stirring again (keep your thoughts out of my trousers!), and I started thinking about another modest salute, this time to The Bard himself, and from that impetus some notes started taking shape, and the new trilogy was underway.

Obviously, I won’t give much away, only to say that it’s tighter, not quite so sprawling, not so wide-angled in focus, and that structurally it’s looking far more… traditional. Who’da thunk, eh?


As of March 19th, 2019 Steven Erikson is working on the Witness trilogy which is based around Karsa Orlong. The first book is almost done. More info in this blog post.

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