I have read the events of Civil War, and I have the Spider-Man comics for Ends of the Earth which I've also read through.

I've recently learnt about Morlun, who appears in later comics, the last of which seems to be Last Remains. That storyline seems to tie back into One More Day, whose story started in Back In Black, based on this wikipedia paragraph:

The 2020 storyline Last Remains and it's subsequent fallout furthered the One More Day connections in the storylines,

as the mysterious demon, aka Kindred, shows his hand and uses his powers to revive the Sin Eater and possess several of Spider-Man's allies, turning them against him and all of New York City. Peter goes to Doctor Strange for assistance, but Strange discovers something is wrong with Peter's soul.

The fact that Back in Black starts directly after Civil War conveniently means I shouldn't need to go any further back.

Which of the Trade Paperbacks (my prefered method of collecting comics) are required to fill this fill this 13 year gap? It looks like a few of the storylines (which I can use to look up the TBPs) are inconsequential? Things like New Ways to Die and Spidey Meets the President!. Are they? Are any others skippable filler?

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If you just want to prepare for Last Remains. then I think that it's safe to skip everything through Go Down Swinging which concludes Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man. The series was relaunched with Marvel NOW! in Parker Luck.

How to Love Comics has a Background Reading List for Last Remains. It basically recommends reading Nick Spencer's run on the series, starting with Back to Basics and then Friends and Foes.

There is a Sins Rising Prelude series, but I have not actually read either it or Last Remains.

If you're specifically interested in Morlun, his first appearance was in The Other. That story was not originally part of the main continuity, but was retconned to be included. Morlun is only one of the Inheritors, who are the main villains of Spider-Verse.

  • This is a promising start. Are none of the other intervening story lines relevant at all? Or are you suggesting I look at the Spider-Verse suggested background reading, and Sins Rising as well as the list for last remains on How To Love Comics?
    – AncientSwordRage
    Jun 10, 2021 at 16:07

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