I just finished reading the first book of Robert Jordan's scifi Wheel of time series: the Eye of the World, and my question contains a subtle spoiler (so be careful!).

In the Eye of the World, the main characters travel to

the Ways

and inside of them, they find

Trollocs that have been turned to stone. And although the Black Wind is described as being capable of draining your soul or causing you to go mad, nowhere does Jordan state that the Black Wind can turn living creatures to stone.

So I ask:

What turned the Trollocs to stone?


Assuming you're referring to chapter 45, it's implied that the Trolloc tampering with the path has led to errors where they were transported into solid rock, not that they were turned into stone.

Loial points out that they are close to a way that will take them to Tar Valon but stops when it becomes obvious that someone has tampered with the path. Chiseled marks wound the stone. Lan is galvanized. Moiraine says, "this explains much," and continues on by admitting fear and then saying that the marks were made by Trollocs or Fades; the markings are Trolloc runes. The Trollocs have figured out how to use the Ways, in fact that is how they must have gotten to the Two Rivers--through the Waygate at Manetheren. She makes other mental connections with regard to the appearance of Trollocs around Caemlyn noting that there is a Waygate in the Blight. She also concludes that they (the Trollocs) don't know all the ways yet else an army would have poured through the gate they used at Caemlyn.

Lan, who has moved a small distance away shouts back, "They don't use the Ways easily." Moiraine leads the group to him where his lantern reveals horror. Rand sees Trollocs frozen in the rock and are locked forever in fear, and where the rock has bubbled, more fearful Trollocs are revealed deeper in the rock. The bridge ends a few feet beyond the frozen Trollocs, the signpost laying in a thousand shards. All are heavily affected by the sight.

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