Romanello, Bauer, Peterson, Male newspaper columnist (Chandler?), Female TV news anchor.

Author Robinson/Roberts/Richardson or some variant

Secret clinic in Switzerland

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  • This clearly isn't what you were asking for, but Greg Egan's short story The Extra has a similar theme and a horrifying (and very Eganesque) outcome. You might enjoy it. It's available online for free. Commented Jun 16, 2021 at 17:14

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The Children by Charles Robertson

Front cover of The Children


You might meet them anywhere. In the subway. On a plane. In your bedroom. So innocent in their blue schoolboy blazers. So angelic with their bright faces.


Do not be deceived. They are the sons of wealth and power. And behind their shining eyes lurk cold, murderous hearts.


They are the weapons in a secret army. They might be anywhere from New York to Houston to Switzerland. They are waiting. For you.


Mark Chandler, tough reporter. Shelley James, top TV anchorwoman. Media stars, competitors, lovers. They have stumbled on the hottest, most dangerous story of this year or any year. They are the only two people on earth who can stop...


Howard Hughes gets mentioned in this review:

An 11 year old has his brain written over with the brainwaves of Howard Hughes and now he walks around Manhattan in his private school uniform shooting people who might reveal his dark secret in the face.

Found with a search for science fiction novel "howard hughes" brain transplant, which turned up this article, which led to me searching for the novel's title and finding the Goodreads entry.

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    What was that title again?
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    @LAK not sure, but something with “children” in the title, iirc
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    So we should read this novel. For THE CHILDREN.
    – Machavity
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    This synopsis also sounds extremely similar to Antony Horowitz's novel Stormbreaker in the Alex Rider series.
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