In the first season of American Horror Story, titled Murder House, the housemaid Moira is actually a ghost

who has been killed after being shot in the eye by Constance Langdon.

She has two ghost forms; one as an old lady and the other with her actual appearance at the time of her death (younger version). Now, the older version has a discolored eye, which seems to be a homage to the way she died. However, her younger version, her actual appearance at the time of her death does not have a discolored eye. What is the reason behind this discrepancy?

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This is because Frances Conroy, the actress who plays the older version has a discolored eye in real life. Conroy had met with a car accident and the damage to the cornea of her right eye left it discolored. Because of this, the way her character dies was modified in the script to make her appearance more fitting. However, the younger version does not have this, as she is played by a different actress.

Frances reportedly mentioned her eye problem when she was auditioning for "American Horror Story". The writers decided to make this into a plot point so that she would not have to wear contact lenses.

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