The story is about a boxer/fighter who can teleport a few millimeters, which gives him an advantage in the ring.

I believe in the end of the story he uses his teleportation powers to save someone from a car accident? I read it 15-20 years ago, so the story must be older than that.

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This is Ernie by Timothy Zahn, published in Time Bomb and Zahndry Others.

A boxer uses a short-distance teleportation power to become a Golden Gloves champion and saves a woman from a car accident.

“Coach, have you ever heard of teleportation?” When I shook my head, he went on, “You read about it sometimes in those science fiction books. It’s when you go from one place to another, like, in no time at all.”

“All kinds of crazy stuff in those books. So?”

“Well, that’s what I do. I can ‘port about an inch at a time, and I do it when I’m hitting or ducking a punch. It’s just enough distance to throw off the other guy’s timing, usually.”

I just sat there, wondering if he was putting me on. He must have seen that in my face somehow, because his eyes started looking wary again. “You don’t believe me,” he muttered.

“How about giving me a demonstration?” I suggested. “How fast did you say you could… teleport?”

“I can move an inch at a time, but I can do it five or six times a second if I need to.”

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