It is a book I read about 20 years ago. I remember a young soldier in a one-of-a-kind nanite-based armour, a space graveyard scavenger (who wanted to save his daughter, if I remember correctly), ripped space-time, giant manta ray-like creatures, and the space-time being repaired in the end. Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks a lot in advance!


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Sounds pretty similar to the Night's Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton:

  • Young soldier in a one-of-a-kind nanite-based armor : Sounds like the SII Suit used by the protagonist in several occasions (though not one-of-a-kind, but pretty common in universe), or any of the Cosmoniks, which are cyborgs self-tailored for vacuum heavy work, or any of the mercenaries, which are again cyborgs self-tailored for specialized tactical duties.
  • A space graveyard scavenger : The protagonist, which is presented as such in the Ruin Ring off Tranquility.
  • Who wanted to save his daughter... : Actually his fiancée, presumed dead/possessed in the fall of Norfolk.
  • Giant manta ray-like creatures : Voidhawks and Blackhawks, living spaceships used for trade and combat.
  • The space-time being repaired in the end : Achieved by politely asking the Sleeping God once found, who closes the fissure between quantum domains by freeing up the stuck Ly-cilph.

As said, it is a trilogy, last volume published in 1999 if my memory serves well.

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