Related to the Fear Street movies trilogy released on Netflix. Spoilers Ahead!!!

The three movies in release order take place in 1994, 1978 and 1666 respectively.

It's revealed at the end that Nick Goode from 1994 is a descendant of Solomon Goode from 1666.

Also, we can see the same actor/actress playing different roles in different movies of this trilogy. For example, Simon Kalivoda in the first movie (1994) and Issac in the last movie (1666) is played by the same actor. The same with Kate Schmidt in 1994 and Lizzie in 1666. There seems to be a deeper connection rather than recasting the same people for different roles.

The prominent examples are the sibling connections. 1994, Deena Johnson has a brother named Josh, and in 1666, Sarah Fier (which is shown as Deena re-living her story) has a brother named Henry; both versions played by same actress/actor duo. Another example is the two actresses playing sisters Cindy and Christine(Ziggy) Berman from 1978 also play the sisters Abigail and Constance from 1666. Apart from that, Deena is in love with Sam in 1994 and Sarah is in love with Hannah in 1666, where Sam and Hannah are played by the same actress.

My question is, are all these characters from 1994 and 1978 reincarnations or descendants (ignoring Nick Goode, which is obvious) of their 1666 selves?


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