So I read a story in middle school about these two or three kids who went into a video game and got stuck there but had to beat it to get out. I can hardly remember anything about the plot but I know at one point they had to sneak past a giant and they were getting panicked about their lives running out. I swear it had the word revenge in the title but I'm not 100% sure about it.

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    holy cow! not only was that stupid fast but you go it on the first try!!! just bought it on amazon! Aug 5, 2021 at 6:19

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This is Rodomonte's Revenge (1994) by Gary Paulsen, the second book in the World of Adventure series.

As Brett watched, one hand slipped loose, then the other. Tom dropped, screaming, into the flames. His body, all red and bubbled, boiled up once to the surface, then was gone. PLAYER ONE HAS ONE LIFE REMAINING. GAME CONTINUES.

Flaming fire rivers. Divebombing buzz-bugs. A cruel king waiting to do battle in his computer-generated castle. Video game whizzes Brett Wilder and Tom Houston think that new virtual reality game Rodomonte’s Revenge is awesome - until it takes over their minds. Then the game playing becomes dangerously real, and one wrong move could be the last.


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