Google put the video "Dalek Seven-2 on Spike Milligan's 'Q6'" in my search results, and I found it surprising to see a Dalek appear in a television sitcom (if indeed that's the right take on this).

Question: How often have Daleks appear on comedy television shows? Is this the only time, is there another example, or was it routine?

"bonus points" for ID of the second, naughty Dalek who'd destroyed its homework.

Dalek Seven-2 appears on Spike Milligan's Q6 in December 1975. It would be the last time Dalek Two's skirt was seen on TV


There is this from Vision On.

It was a show made for deaf children, so relied heavily on visual things, without much dialogue. It was a frequent thing to show Tony Hart drawing a picture, some of which then came to life.

It also starred Sylvester McCoy, years before he became the Doctor.


There was a bit on Dave Allen At large where a familiar-looking baptismal font comes to life and chases the Vicar about the church yelling "Exterminate", and eventually disintegrating him and the lectern with the TARDIS sound effect being used.


Daleks were at least the subject matter of a number of sketches in shows by Alexei Sayle, although they did not actually appear. Interestingly, Sayle actually appeared in the Sixth Doctor serial Revelation of the Daleks.

  • A sketch in Alexei Sayle's Stuff centered around Margaret Thatcher using the TARDIS to go back in time and visit victims of the Black Plague. She then goes forward to visit an NHS hospital in the future, which looks exactly the same as the plague-ridden streets from the past. She is quoted as saying that "the Daleks do a wonderful job for which we should all be grateful and we should talk less about them exterminating people and more about the marvelous opportunities they bring to the electronics industry".

  • Also, this routine and sketch from Alexei Sayle's Merry-go-round discusses Doctor Who and depicts various cheap-looking robots 'auditioning' for the position of Daleks.

As an aside, Sayle's series The All New Alexei Sayle Show had a recurring sketch called 'Drunk in Time' which was most likely a spoof of Time Tunnel but featured future Doctor Peter Capaldi as Sayle's time traveling companion.

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