I'm trying to identify a British import on Canadian TV I remember watching around the 1980s. The series involved a group of teens or young adults caught up in intrigue surrounding some sort of nefarious plot which I think concerned nuclear missiles. The one detail I clearly remember is the opening or closing title sequence in which the theme music played over footage of a missile launch, I think from a submarine. Codename Icarus seems like it might be what I am looking for except that the music (where it can be heard) on YouTube clips doesn't match. The music played on the YouTube clips sounds like an excerpt of a classical piece, but the music as I remember it was more contemporary and energetic, and I assume would have been composed for the show.


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That sounds vaguely like The Doombolt Chase, where a bunch of teens strive to clear one of their Dad's name of some trumped up charge I don't remember the details of, all while on the run from shadowying forces. It's a bit scifi, as it involves some kind of fictional super weapon, but it is super low budget so you only see it in action once. The opening credits has a submarine missile launch. I was made to watch it at school for some reason in the 90s in Canada. Check out the first episode here, and see if the opening credits match your memory.


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