We see in the film that the Wall-A robots move along grooved tracks.

enter image description here

However, we see at least one outside the ship in the end credits.

Since they travel on rails, how did they exit The Axiom?

  • Burn-E is perfectly capable of moving on his ball (hopping, primarily) without needing to sit in a rail; youtu.be/ppfSPzbAQYc?t=394
    – Valorum
    Sep 3, 2021 at 18:06

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In short, we don't know. As you've noted in your question, the sole view we have of them outside the ship is a single image from the end-credit sequence (below) which shows a Wall-A lifting up another robot. The Wall-A doesn't move while we're watching it, so it's possible that it's being used as a static lift, installed into place and then moved afterwards by other robots or dragged on rollers by their human slaves.

Removing them from the loading bay would be a fairly simple operation since the bay door is larger than a single robot. You'd just need to use a few dozen SECUR-T bots to lift them down.

enter image description here

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