Diana and Barbara face off against each other:

Barbara: You renounced your wish.

Diana: I had to. And so do you. Nothing good is born from lies, Barbara.

What "lies" is Diana speaking of?

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The "lies" are the shortcut of the transformation bestowed by the wish. Diana is echoing words from Antiope after she took a shortcut to win the Themysciran games as a child.

In the film's introductory Themyscira sequence, a young Diana receives a hard lesson in life and competition from her aunt and instructor, Antiope. After taking a shortcut to try and win the Themysciran games, Diana is stopped at the finish line by Antiope, and as a result loses the contest.

Despite Diana's protests that she played the game fair and square through her own innovative measures, Antiope holds her ground and tells Diana the hard truth of the world: nothing can be gained rightfully through deception, and "No true hero is born from lies" - a theme that will resonate throughout the film.


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