I was reading about what the cast of Babylon 5 was doing recently, and stumbled onto a TV show called Space Command that some of them were involved with. Delenn (Mira Furlan - I can't help it) was involved in this show until her death earlier this year from West Nile virus. So was Bill Mumy. There's also a continuing favorite - Robert Picardo (the doctor from Voyager).

IMDB shows a series of episodes, but it looks like only a few of them might have been produced. Does anyone know if Space Command died (due to Covid-19?), or whether additional episodes are planned?

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Well, there was a kickstarter for episode 4 "Forgiveness, Part 2" that just closed on July 27th, so I imagine that it's currently in the works.

The 2021 plan was for shooting episode 4 in August, and based on the timeline of the previous episodes it will take at least a month for the effects and post-production; their plan suggests it will be completed sometime around October. Note, however, the plan was also for the kickstarter campaign in May, so they may be running a couple of months behind.

There haven't been any negative updates so far, and they just finished raising money, so I'd expect that episodes 3/4 will drop some time this year or early next.


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