I have read that Andrzej Sapkowski is writing a new Witcher book as of 2018. Has he ever mentioned a desire to build more universe, much like Tolkien has done with The Lord Of The Rings series? Not necessarily about Witcher's, but maybe a history of his universe or how the multiverse works.


The answer is: no. To quote him from one of the interviews:

The Witcher Saga is closed. If there will be another book in this universe, it will be something along the lines of a prequel.

Sapkowski for a long time was of the opinion that Witcher is a closed topic. I was really surprised that he wrote Season of Storms, but he did, and as you mentioned he actually plans another book, which will be a prequel.

I think he personally is of the opinion that expanding the universe is boring.

I make that statement based on his words about his other series, the Hussite Trilogy, which he found much more to his liking, especially the research part. This is actually the reason his books are coming out so slooooowly - he is very meticulous in his research, and he said he much prefers history to mythology.

I do see him, however, one day announcing a collaboration with other writers set in "The Witcher Universe". He very much wants to cash in on the success of it, too. Just like CD Projekt and Netflix.

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    He's an odd fellow, he contradicts himself quite often. Like saying he thinks the game series has hurt sales, when really we all know most people got into the Witcher series because of the game, and like me have started reading the books after playing the game or even watching the Netflix series.
    – Villan
    Sep 14 at 12:39
  • (...) collaboration with other writers set in "The Witcher Universe" Umm, there seems to be some idea of it becoming some "shared universe", that is total bonkers - see here what Sapek thinks about works of others: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/71224/…
    – Mithoron
    Sep 15 at 13:39
  • @Mithoron - Not sure about shared universe, but I could definitely see spin-offs of sorts, still under Sapkowski's name but written by others. To expand on the universe. But Sapkowski will never allow to continue writing about Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer, possibly Jaskier, too, so not sure what is there to write about? Other Witchers? A bit of a bummer... Though I'd like to read the Shadow People, or the story of His Majesty's Secret Service by Oribasius Giafranco Paolo Reuven, for sure...
    – AcePL
    Sep 16 at 9:06
  • CD Projekt Red also wished to buy the copyright from him, but he refused. (Which is quite understandable since he must be cashing in a lot of royalties even if he plans no further books, and this was before the Netflix series too.)
    – Amarth
    Sep 19 at 8:44
  • @Amarth Maybe. But have you seen the original show and movie? I kinda understand why Sapkowski didn't give a great chances of success to the game... Well, he was wrong, but at least now he's getting some good money.
    – AcePL
    Sep 19 at 10:07

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